Moving on

Everyday the news channels - here in Israel - reveal something new about ProTrade: yesterday evening, one of the most popular website reported that the receiver of the company, the one appointed by the court, grabbed the company's servers but someone erased away all the information- so now the receiver has been contact data recovery agencies and they are hoping they'll be able to get any data from the company's mailbox.

I worked for PropTrade for almost two years, i was the head of the Israeli's customer desk. The CEO, Shlomi Noyman was in my wedding and I was in his events. he always looks like the right person who really know how to secure his customer's money, and i was trusted him. now the only questions I have is: "Why didn't you warn me? Couldn't you help me and give back what belongs to me?

For today's morning I decided I have to move on- I opened a secret notebook and write a roadmap:

  • This time I have to spend more time trying to prevent myself from repeating the same errors
  • This time I'm going to be focused on what's really working for me.
  • This time I would like to take a part in the local stock exchange. I think the Israeli stock exchange have a great opportunities for those who looking for solid but profitable securities.

Also I'm going to follow these simple rules:

  1. Trading the daily chart.
  2. A combination of technical and fundamental analysis
  3. "Knowing what's really happened" outside the markets: it's going to be the first time I'm investing in a securities who talking my native language. not only a specific symbol, all the market itself! Which means you have a street wisdom knowing which company are really worth your investment
  4. Trading what I'm looking for not what easy to find
  5. if it's not working for you - leave it! even from the first sight.

There are many more i can't remember right now but I think you got it.
I'm planing to start it back, opening my first position in the following month. before that I promise to share thoughts with you.

Kind regards

Moving on
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