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I stare at a blank screen and asking my self how the fuck should i supposed to start it. After last week's earthquake, I'm sitting in front of a blank screen and wonder how it happened?

how the hell someone else succeeded to put his hands on my hard-work money and then disappear? there's a many question that i can't answer, many thoughts, many broken families who lost their savings

I can't think clearly

my solitary ground has been shook. I trusted Prop-Trade more then the local banks, they always looked like the guys who know exactly how to secure their customer's money. I used their brokerage services more then eight years - eight years without even one complaint.
and now everything was gone, the money also.
I lost 5K$, it was all of my savings.
I'm married and also a dad, that's going to be very hard mission to gain that again- but i have goal and i know exactly where i would like to be in the next decade.
This is my main mission.

Until then, please give me some lines to share what's on my heart

Do you know how it feels when your broker going into a bankrupt? let me tell you:
it was almost noon and i was at work, everything looks so fine then one of my best friend telling you that Prop-Trade going into bankrupt. this news touching me with a bare nerve.
It was actually the place that was the safest in the world economically, that screwed me up?
The people I've known for years, they were at my wedding and I was at their events-
Are they the ones who hurt me?
and I'm not the only one, with me there's a thousands of families!
people who saved every penny for making a better future.
and I, the little guy who just began to earn regularly, after years of learning.
I got to see how my stock portfolio slowly grew. And here the dream is already here and I am profitable in a significant way over time!
And then, at this very beautiful moment. The moment I spent years reading and learning to reach it
A moment when I was willing to pay thousands of dollars of tuition to stick to.
It was at this moment that someone else put his hand on my money ... and then the money disappeared.
And that's not the kind of thing you're defending:
In the markets you put a Stop order to protect against all kinds of scenarios you are not watching.
You spread your risk and hedge yourself well.
But against your broker you never defend yourself:
Because broker somewhere is kind of 'home'.
Broker is the person who will help you close a trade if you are not at home and throw out a good word.
Broker will encourage you after a bad trade.
Broker is someone who can give you a good feeling when you are profitable over time.

It was precisely the place that I felt most secure for my money and
this place was actually the place that screwed me up.
And not just me.
Along with me there are thousands of families who broke up.
There are thousands of people who have lost a lot of money ... money that some of them will not be able to earn back.

So, that's how it feels. And that's feels shit.

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